a novel by Davis Schneiderman

“I received my copy of BLANK yesterday, and began reading it last night in bed. I am accustomed to reading a few pages from a book, then turning out the light as soon as I become drowsy. But BLANK was a different experience: I could not put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. And now it is burned in my memory. I feel certain it is a book I will read again and again.” – H. L. Hix, National Book Award poetry finalist
ART: orginal art by Susan White

SOUND: original music by Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky (LISTEN NOW)
Davis Schneiderman’s 206-page novel, Blank, contains only compelling chapter titles. The story is – as it always has been – up to the reader. White-on-white pyrographic images are by notable artist Susan White. The fine art edition is shrink-wrapped and enclosed in a wooden box that is fully encased in plaster and can be opened with a pull-tab. Once opened, the box cannot be re-encased. Music will be composed and performed by renowned experimental hip hop musician, Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky. Learn more about Vanuatu Pacifica Project here.