&NOW releases the second Plonsker Prize book, from our 2010 winner:
Galerie de Difformité, by Gretchen E. Henderson

ISBN-10: 0982315635 / ISBN-13: 978-0982315637

“What a work! . . . The ‘book’ explodes across distributed platforms and media, with a digitally networked existence that simultaneously builds on and destroys the integrity of the print object.”

—Johanna Drucker, author of The Century of Artists’ Books and The Alphabetic Labyrinth

“Galerie de Difformité is a cabinet of curiosities of things deformed, disabled, reformed and enabled. . . . A book that combines the metacriticism of Tristram Shandy with the randomness of a complex video game, Henderson has created a unique work that aims at being extraordinary, arcane, and eminently accessible. A book you won’t forget.”

—Lennard J. Davis, author of Enforcing Normalcy and Bending Over Backwards: Disability, Dismodernism and Other Difficult Positions

At $15.00 (or, ahem, less on Amazon) this book is practically free. Once you see the lushly designed inside pages and the historical full-color marbled endpapers, you’ll get behind this fuzzy math.
Did we mention that this book teaches itself. That’s right, you don’t even have to show up to class. Take a personal day, while your students learn like professionals.
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Galerie de Difformité, by Gretchen E. Henderson