An Interview with Tina Cabrera

Who are you and what are your specialties?

I have an MFA from San Diego State in Fiction. I’m currently applying to PhD programs right now. I write mostly short stories about dark themes.

What do you do to support yourself and your writing?

I teach English part-time at different college in San Diego.

Why are you interested in getting a Ph. after the MFA?

I love academia and being in those environments. I also enjoy teaching. Going through the PhD program will also give me more space to grow as a writer.

What themes do you prefer to write about and why?

Dark themes that dwell on some of the existential questions of life. Recently, I’ve been getting into more surreal work.

Whose work do you enjoy/admire?

Lance Olson, Borges, Beckett, Virginia Woolf.

How do you stay motivated to keep writing?

I try to make it a practice to write something everyday, even if it’s just one line. If it means that much to you, you’ll make time.