Interview with Snezana Zabie

Who are you? What are your specialties?

I’m from Croatia. I write fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and do translation work. I got my MFA in poetry from UNC-Willmington(?). I’m currently in a PhD program for writers. I’m working on a creative dissertation exploring the break-up of Yugoslavia and the refugee experience.

Do you work within a writing community?

I don’t work in a formal group. I have some writing friends and I’ve collaborated on projects in the past. I was part of a group in Belgrade, Serbia during which we wrote a book together. I’ve also been involved with creative writing stemming from participation in feminist or activist groups.

What do you to support yourself and your writing?

I’m a teaching assistant at the university where I’m getting my PhD. I also taught throughout my time in the MFA program.

Do you work on many projects at a time or try and stay focused on one?

I work on multiple projects at once. I’ve always done it like that. Sometimes I just wake up with ideas for one particular project or another. I work with deadlines sometimes.

With so many varied interests, do you do mixed-genre work?

Not all of my work is mixed-genre. The dissertation I’m working in the largest mixed-media project I’ve done. I’m using aspects of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. The reason being that I thought it important to deal with more voices than just my own. I used some found text about other peoples experience during the break-up of Yugoslavia. I’m also interested in the unreliability of memory and artifice of writing. There’s some fiction pretending to be non-fiction.