Jung H. Kim: Interviews

On Thursday Night, I was able to interview three, very kind, literates by the name of Lily Rumberger, Roberto Tejada, and Katherine Tillman. Here are some of the things that they had to say.

These are the four questions I asked: (All in numerical order)

1. What do you think is the most Lucrative market?

2. Waht do you do to self-promote/Market your work?

3. Has your work been criticized publicly and how did you deal with it?

4. What’s the ideal legacy you’d leave behind as a writer?

Interview with Lily Rumberger

1. ” I think fastest developing market is computer engineering and computer science. It’s the artificial new frontier. Before, it used to be factories and space (NASA) now, its more about computers”

2. ” The best way to market yourself is to at like you already know everything. I rely more heavily on the feedback that I receive from outside of the academic loop rather than from my peers.”

3. ” Yes, of course. I try to take everything with, not to be cliche, grain and salt. Every opinion is valuable. my writing is not to please others or myself to be liked, it’s to please myself or be satisfied with my work.”

4. “I’m stealing this, but I would love to be like Kurt Vonngurt. Not because of his writing or style but because when I read his work, he’s writing has a purpose. It is to instill a purpose, poetical importance, and instills change.”

Interview with Roberto Tejada

1. Advertising, you get to work with language and it has a creative element. Not so different from what I do and it has more pay!”

2. I had suggested that his book covers were very elegantly done, he replied, “Thank you, I hand picked the photographs for the cover of my novels. I also work with the designer, pitch my idea for the cover, and tell them what it is that I

3.”Not poetry. However my scholarship work has been criticized before. I advice is to take it elegantly with philosophy.”

4. “Life of complexity, both in terms of richness in mind & imagination. Political presence as a social actor I have to live.”

Interview with Katherine Tillman

1. “Technology, I have a friend with program degree and he makes a lot of money. He has time to write and at the same time, earn money.”

2. “I’ll use the internet, I post things on blogs & social networking sites. Blogspot and tumblr is a good example.”

3. “Not in a public sphere, but I have dealt with rejection. Not every good with dealing with criticism..”

4. “I think ideal is someone who reads your work and feels understood by it and somewhat of their life is captured.”

Thank you again everyone for the wonderful interview. Hope to see you guys again during the festival.