Interview Questionaire with an Unattributed Writer

• Who are you? What do you specialize in?
[Sadly unable to attribute as no name was provided]
Writer & editor/ publisher/ teacher (of creative writing). No real specialization, but concentrate on
fiction and poetry (currently in that order).
• How did you get involved in writing?
Always knew I wanted to write- a desire fueled by my earliest reading experiences.
• What do you do when you get too many ideas, pick one at a time or work multiple at once?
I multi-task. I MOVE of in multiple directions simultaneously. The writing time I have available to me
(scant) demands as much.
• What are you working towards right now-what is your aspiration?
Getting one or both novels on which I have been working for some time published. Finishing a
sequence (100+) of short lyric POEMS.
• What do you know about writing now that you wish you knew when you were starting out?
How many options are actually available to writers (alternative careers, publishing avenues,
opportunities in collaborating. There was much I failed to take advantage of [because] I thought of
writing as a solitary pursuit.

Thank you again for your interview!
If this is you and you want it to be attributed, please leave a reply under this post.
(Interviewer: Catrina McBeath)