Q & A with Amina Cain

Snippets from a video interview with Amina Cain (http://aminacain.com).
Watch the full video interview at http://vimeo.com/30611803


RAG: Where do you like to write?
Amina: I probably do fifty percent of my writing while in bed, in pajamas. The other fifty percent, either at my desk, at my study, or sometimes in other rooms of the house, sometimes outside.

RAG: When do you write? What state do you have to be in to write?
Amina: I don’t really have to be in any state. My favorite time to write is in the evening. There’s something about dusk that I really like and kind of naturally gravitate towards when writing. I don’t have set hours.

RAG: What do you know now about writing that you didn’t know when you first started?
Amina: I think sometimes young writers worry like, “Okay, if I can’t write every day, what does this mean about me if I’m not someone who’s writing everyday, of If I don’t have a certain kind of discipline?” And what I’ve found in my own life is just sort of trusting the process and seeing that writing does get done in many different kinds of ways….there are lots of different ways to carve out a writing life.