Q & A with Steve Tomasula

Snippets from a video interview with Steve Tomasula (http://www.stevetomasula.com/).
Watch the full video interview at http://vimeo.com/30612848


RAG: Where do you like to work and create?
Steve: More and more I work at the kitchen table. I do a lot of drafting on the laptop–print out…hundreds of pages and just laying them on the floor, cutting them up and trying to rearrange.

RAG: Tell us about the themes you prefer to write and why you feel it’s important to address them.
Steve: I had a poet friend once tell me how lucky novelists were because they only have to come up with one idea every five years. Somehow that resonated because I think in my case I’ve only had to come up with one idea ‘cause they all in a certain sense work with this idea of representation and how we depict each other and the consequences of how we depict each other.