Excerpts from Janice Lee and Laura Vena

These are a few points I pulled from the lecture: The Mad Science of Narrative

Janice Lee:
Experimental narratives are like the voices of many people, like ghosts’ thoughts that are somehow expressed through writing. Sentences have a way of being created on their own and the writer channels the voices of those around us. Whenever we are faced with a difficult text, we are being forced to pull from our personal context in order to interpret that text.

Laura Vena:
When we perceive reality as fixed, we get trapped by continuity. One way to escape the constraints of writing is to jump into the fantastic. Fantasy isn’t just things made up by the writer, it is trying to invert the things of this world rather than make up new things. In a way, the fantastic poses alternate truths that may or may not exist. Narratives confront us with our own images of reality and when you discuss something less articulatable you require more participation from the reader.