Acting as one of the chauffeurs for the Festival allowed me to meet several wonderful featured writers. One of the feature writers that I met while acting as one of the chauffeurs for the Festival (see my 007 story above) is a talented poet and writer who I call Dr. A, as he wishes to remain anonymous. Although extremely busy, Dr. A took my list of questions with him on his flight, and mailed his answers to me after he returned home. I hope you enjoy his answers and humor as much as I have.

Q: Are you writing/hoping anyone’s going to read – what’s your relationship to accessibility for larger audiences vs. small nice audiences?
A: I do not think of audiences with the word “hope” attached, at least in terms of who or what will read the work. I hope to endure and play in the process of writing.

Q: How do you write for money on a deadline with no inspiration?
A: I guess one does this–seems strange, really

Q: Do writers think about demographic as they are writing a novel, in order to make more money?
A: Who knows? I went to school to develop a complex skill set–to create a path for making work, poetry, etc. Not sure what other writers think.

Q: Is it easier to get your second piece published than it was to get your first in print?
A: Who knows? What’s easier? I published two books almost at the same time.

Q: Does the digital media/internet change or impact your writing?
A: Yes, as I use many forms of digital media for practical and experimental projects.

Q: How do you know if you are being cheated out of a decent advance?
Oh please–this question is strange–not for poets?Maybe– I don’t make poems for $$$

Q: What do you know now about writing that you wish you knew when you were starting out?
A. That it is crazy to think about a first book while in grad school–usually those first books are too close to the MFA/PhD arc lame.

Q: What is the biggest mistake or regret about your career?
A: The process evolves. I hate this question as I am in my career, not after!

Q: Tell us about themes you prefer to write about and why you feel its important to address them.
A: See books–Race (look in the mirror), class (smile in the night), sexuality (get twisted in the sack).

Q: What advice do you give writers about getting an MFA versus other avenues for finding publishers?
A: Just make great work and real–if you’re seeking a publisher, now, you must be confident or hardheaded.

Q: Describe strategies of building communities with writers and other innovators. How are you able to work across disciplines?
A: Find the smart people. I look in many places.

Q: As a writer, how much time do ou spend writing vs. promoting what you’ve already written?
A: I don’t promote my work. I write. I teach. I travel and share.

Q: How do you feel about collaborative work? Do you do it? Do you rule it out? Collaborative novels or poetry books?
A: See Black Took Collective

Q: What is the reality of the publishing industry today?
A: The sky is blue or gray or black or not.